Matt Davis improvises with amplified objects and hand-made instruments, combining them into textures controlled through loopers, effects and delay units. Timbres are carefully derived from homebuilt analog synths, metallic hand percussion, DIY sound creation devices, cactus tines, rattlesnake tails, and just about anything else that may happen along.

While performing and recording alongside Tom Bickley in the vocal improv trio ‘Comma’, Matt came under the strong influence of Pauline Oliveros, and incorporates practices of attentive awareness and mindful listening deeply in his work. At the University of Maryland, Matt studied operatic singing with Dominic Cossa, and specialized in the vocal scores of John Cage under David Patterson, presenting and participating in many concerts of experimental music featuring extended vocal techniques and MusiCircus-like happenings.

Though raised in the folk environment of the southern US, living in the urban areas of Chicago and LA caused a natural magnetism to dance music and electronica, steeping an experimental mindset in a convergence of groove and beats. Realized mostly in post-production remixing and composts, collages of song forms and through-composed miniatures have become his most widely heard work under the moniker Craque, with music released on Audiobulb (Sheffield, UK), as well as several netlabels including Stasisfield and Test Tube. Credits and activities also include scoring for independent film, building interactive sculpture from recycled electronics, and DJ’ing lounge and electronica at local events in his hometown of Fullerton, CA.

Check out his website and blog.

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