Santa is a seven piece electroacoustic ensemble based in San Francisco. The group’s sound is hinged upon Cullen Miller’s electronics and is fully actualized with the accompaniment of trumpet (Ari Davie), tenor (Leo Echazábal) and alto saxophones (Brian Jones), alto flute (Nathaniel Gravette), drum kit (James Jano) and upright bass (Doug Jones).

Cullen Miller is an American composer, electronic musician and sound designer born in Detroit, Michigan. He is currently residing in San Francisco, California. His music is a laptop fused hybrid of aleatoric, electronica, dub, and jazz; incorporating original field recordings, programmed rhythms, fragmented vocals, synthesizers and traditional instrumentation. His compositional endeavors began by learning double bass and studying contemporary classical and jazz theory under the Netherlands based composer and bassist, Chad Langford. He utilizes and designs custom software applications that are configured in graphical environments. Miller performs periodically with San Francisco band, Santa and under his dub guise, Selande.

Miller’s live performances typically consist of orchestrated acoustic instrumentation (cello, various drums and percussion, synthesizers, clarinet, dobro, electric and double bass, piano, violin, vocals, and saxophones) integrated with prepared and stochastic electronics.

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