Travis Gire

Born in San Diego, 1979, Travis Gire was raised in West Chula Vista, just above the Tijuana border in sun-saturated suburbia, Travis’s early youth found involvement in organized sports, jump-ramp-era skateboarding, video arcades, and strip mall loitering. A penchant for drawing formed and found inspiration from early Disney films, decrepid 80′s skateboard graphics, and heavy metal album cover art. The graffiti boom of the early nineties became a massive influence on Travis’s teen years, and has remained an influence ever since.

Moving to SF after college, while working various retail jobs, Travis discovered a supressed desire to paint. Around 2004, while working at a 24-hour diner, he cut his shifts down to two days to carve out a schedule to teach himself how to paint. Acrylic on canvas gave way to experimentations with backwards painting on plexi-glass. His paintings came to focus on issues of class, race, work, and pop culture as filtered through a surrealist’s o.c.d. meatgrinder.

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