Cullen Miller – #postliterate

#postliterate is the third full length album from San Francisco based artist Cullen Miller. The follow up to 2011’s Vulpes Vulpes, #postliterate speeds further into a territory where the synthesizer is in the driver’s seat. With respective nods towards industrial, disco, synthpop, and electro, Miller tactfully navigates his music away from clich├ęs by repurposing past musical formulas timbral elements into contemporary forms.

Invoking bleak industrial soundscapes and neon consumer addled vistas, Miller constructs oddly familiar, dystopic scenarios where data warehouses are churches and people receive information intravenously. The inhabitants of the #postliterate world struggle with intimacy issues due to technological inadequacies. These sinister, noisy electro timbres are, however, offset with timely interjections of shimmering feel-good pop. As is characteristic of most of Miller’s work, it is nuanced with precise sound design and colorful emotions. #postliterate paints a hyperrealistic portrait of a world in which there is no difference between URL and IRL.


.mp3 (320kbps)

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