Cunei Cast


Apollo Dial – The Grasshopper Lies Heavy [Unreleased, 2013]
Labradford – Disremembering [Prazision Kranky, 1993]
Vangelis – Damask Rose [Blade Runner Atlantic, 1994]
Broken Social Scene – Feel Good Lost [Feel Good Lost Noise Factory Records, 2001]
Auburn Lull – Light Through The Canopy [Begin Civil Twilight Darla Records, 2008]
Yo La Tengo – Damage [I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One Matador, 1997]
Stars of the Lid – Even (Out) + [And Their Refinement of the Decline Kranky, 2007]
Apollo Dial – Absence as a Precursor to Hope [Fallow Cunei Media, 2013]
Tim Hecker – Harmony in Blue I [Harmony in Ultraviolet Kranky, 2006]
Eluvium – Unknown Variation [Nightmare Ending Temporary Residence Limited, 2013]
Colleen – Sun Against My Eyes [Les Ondes Silencieuses The Leaf Label, 2007]

Pye Corner Audio – Dark Door [Type, 2012]
Black Rain – Lo Tek Bridge [Blackest Ever Black, 2012]
Vatican Shadow – ‪Shooter In The Same Uniform As The Soldiers [Type, 2012]‬
JPLS – Convolution [M_nus, 2009]
Kangding Ray – Mojave [Raster Noton, 2011]
Sendai – EP2012-4 [Time to Express, 2012]
Emptyset – Plane [Subtext, 2011]
Yu Miyashita – Psych Clock [Mille Plateaux, 2012]
Vessel – Aries [Tri Angle, 2012]
Raime – You Will Lift Your Frame Clear [Blackest Ever Black, 2012]
Dadub – Temptation of Maya [Stroboscopic Artefacts, 2012]
Roly Porter – Tleilax [Subtext, 2011]


San Francisco’s Simple brings us this month’s Cunei Cast. Simple’s set spans many genres but retains a seamless cohesion that is rarely found in eclectic sets. He showcases a number of new and sexy styles revealed to our ears this year, but digs deep into some dusty crates for some classic numbers. This set’s trajectory lends itself perfectly to getting the evening started.

Simple is Detroit native Konstantin Papatheodoropoulos. Currently owner of San Francisco based netlabel Two Circles, he has released three EPs since 2007. In addition to work done for his own label, he has also contributed music to Produkt and Pinksilver.


This month we bring you the poppy brand of musique concrète signature to Norway’s Klangverkstedet. His podcast takes us through the dusty old vinyl grooves of records that your even grandparents would have had to crate dig for. Anthony’s music vividly evokes a nostalgic, vintage scene that encapsulates a specific era. The cinematic underpinnings come from Klangverkstedet’s extensive work in the film world. Be sure to check out his website and some of his work below.


Download Cunei Cast: Tom Ellis

Trimsound founder Tom Ellis delivers an exclusive set from Minimal Tokyo for July’s rendition of our Cunei Cast. Tom’s weird-out disco and house flavors have been a favorite of mine for quite some time. This set sums up July for me. Colored with fun edits and funky shuffles, Tom works out some jazz-soaked beats. I think you’ll find yourself skipping to these rhythms regardless of how hot your July is. Please enjoy this set recorded in Tokyo last year.

This month we are joined by Detroit Underground labelhead, Kero. With over 30 releases on some of electronic music’s most celebrated and innovative labels such as Bpitch, Warp, Ghostly International and Shitkatapult, he has established a reputation for his unrepentantly brash, yet cultivated compositions and unforgettable live performances. His innovative approach to music, graphic design and video production feeds on the detritus of popular electronic culture, creating a montage of fleeting musical and visual experiences that are paradoxically critical and enamored with contemporary culture.

Summer is creeping up now and our friend Secrets brings us some saucy disco love to get things going while the weather warms up. We thought it was appropriate to feature one of our favorite Detroit residents for this Cunei Cast since DEMF is this month. If you’re in D-town over Memorial Day this year, don’t miss Secrets’ set at DEMF.

Loscil joins us this month to share his set at Zulu in Vancouver. Endless Falls release last month brought Loscil back to the top of our playlists after he made himself at home there last year with his Strathcona Variations EP on Ghostly. We’re very proud to present to you the first Cunei Cast. Enjoy!

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