Apollo Dial – Fallow

Fallow, the debut EP of San Francisco based Apollo Dial, cannot be characterized by the idiomatic tendencies of most first releases. Instead, he traverses melancholic terrain with technical eloquence and human dynamicism. The music patiently pieces together a musical narrative that contains multitudes; spanning dusty analog landscapes laden with Apollo Dial’s unique touch.

AFTR – Exothing

Exothing is the debut EP from Oakland based artist, AFTR. Exothing has a strong sensibility for shadowy timbres and hard, driving syncopations. Not quite ambient or noise, AFTR offsets the grainy, gristled percussion with feedback-engulfed effects and ominous field recordings looming somewhere off in the distance. Lovers of muffled techno, noise, and bass: do yourself a favor and get yourself a copy.

Cullen Miller – #postliterate

#postliterate is the third full length album from San Francisco based artist Cullen Miller. The follow up to 2011’s Vulpes Vulpes, #postliterate speeds further into a territory where the synthesizer is in the driver’s seat. With respective nods towards industrial, disco, synthpop, and electro, Miller tactfully navigates his music away from clichés by repurposing past musical formulas timbral elements into contemporary forms.

Invoking bleak industrial soundscapes and neon consumer addled vistas, Miller constructs oddly familiar, dystopic scenarios where data warehouses are churches and people receive information intravenously. The inhabitants of the #postliterate world struggle with intimacy issues due to technological inadequacies. These sinister, noisy electro timbres are, however, offset with timely interjections of shimmering feel-good pop. As is characteristic of most of Miller’s work, it is nuanced with precise sound design and colorful emotions. #postliterate paints a hyperrealistic portrait of a world in which there is no difference between URL and IRL.

Sana Obruent – Prince of the Air

Prince of the Air is the latest work of California-based ambient shoegaze group, Sana Obruent. Aptly named, Prince of the Air is comprised of breathy drones drifting through shifting soundscapes. Sana Obruent’s delicate and weightless environments subtly evolve instilling an overwhelming sense of bliss.  Nodding towards the sounds shoegaze and dreampop, Prince of the Air strays from clichés that would easily classify this work. Vast amorphous guitar textures unfold to reveal new sheets of overtones and noise.

Mononesie – Diaporama

His compositions elegantly spin impressionistic extended harmonies and restrained IDM into a tranquil reflective accordance. His debut EP, Diaporama, is largely made up of digitally processed piano music delicately sprinkled with clicks and pops. Tupaia frequently collaborates with French filmmaker Edouard Blanchet to create illusory, introspective landscapes. These videos are their video collaborations for Diaporama.

Diaporama is the French word for slideshow. The word Diaporama shares etymological roots with the English words diorama and panorama, both of which come from the Greek root horama, meaning “a view.” Upon first listen, Diaporama invokes distant memories and provides glimpses into the daydreams of this prudent composer.

Cullen Miller & Matte Wood – Sleep

Sleep is comprised of two pieces of music: Dream and Delta. The first piece, Dream, is a variation on a theme by Alexandre Desplat reworked and re-arranged for strings, woodwind, and brass. It was written with the intention of emulating REM sleep. The latter half of the music is written and designed to invoke the sensation of deep sleep, thus the title: Delta.

Selande – Metallic Salmon Remixes

Following up his Faust EP, San Francisco’s Selande joins the roster of New York’s critically acclaimed label: Konque. Metallic Salmon offers us a glimpse of the colors on the palette if this eclectic San Francisco-based producer. The title track Metallic Salmon is a lazy two-step jam with jazzy underpinnings but don’t be deceived, the title tune is hardly characteristic of the rest of release. Selande takes a sharp turn into the shadows with Bus (Concrète). This track features a twisted remix from Detroit Underground labelhead and IDM wizard, Kero.

According to Selande, Bus (Concrète) was a field study in musique concrète. Aside from the kick drum and bassline, all of the sounds were recorded on the San Francisco bus system. They were later organized into a nostalgic look at the sweaty rave days in Detroit, Selande’s former home. Back to Back is a heavily stepped number full of bizarre sound design and tribal flavors. Stony and aphotic, Prometheus and iandai are a lovely pair. A nice set of vintage dub techno tunes perfectly suited for either the dancefloor or the smoke session at home.

Here at Cunei we are offering an exclusive download of some of the remixes. Konque’s David Last, Detroit Underground’s Kero and Two Circles’ Simple bring us 3 mixes that will tide you over until the full length’s release on November 20th.

Cullen Miller – Stolen Nature

Stolen Nature adeptly bridges the synthetic/organic abyss with uniquely composed granular textures, aleatoric rhythmic patterns and modal jazz structures. The release’s arcane theme is cohesive and conceptual from beginning to end. Miller’s compositional sensibility has reconciled the poles of unadulterated, native sounds and processed, algorithmic music. These two adverse ideas are adroitly synthesized into a hybrid entity that lives and breathes on its own. The stochastic electronics laden deep in Stolen Nature’s structure seem to have a sentient quality that hauntingly reflects recent developments in the field of artificial intelligence. The intricate machinations featured on Stolen Nature are inclined to deep personal sentiments and emotion. Miller’s application of traditional instruments takes the antiquated oral tradition and fuses it into a futuristic context.

Craque – Meat Hacker

Craque graces us with his latest work since his acclaimed Supple (2009) on Audiobulb. Meat Hacker delivers a wide variety of tunes that cater to listeners of all persuasions. Craque illustrates his mastery of sequencing and performance throughout the entire record. He plays trumpet, guitar, homebuilt analog synths, metallic hand percussion, DIY sound creation devices, cactus tines, rattlesnake tails, and just about anything else that may happen along. Download Meat Hacker .mp3s or lossless files for free.

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